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About Us

JJ Summit Stationery Company is an established provider of a complete line of high-quality office and school supplies in the Philippines, for nearly a decade now.

We are a partnership that has been registered with the securities and exchange commission since July 15, 2009.

Our management team consists of dynamic, forward-thinking, highly professional, customer-centered entrepreneurs with years-long dedication to the growth of the industry.

Our Products

JJ Summit Stationery Company is proud to carry a wide range of in-demand products that cater to both institutional and consumer markets.

We maintain a select number of reliable and reputable partner-suppliers to ensure the delivery of consistently high-quality goods.

We are in the service of interested parties in presenting our assortment of merchandise to meet their requirements at their preferred time. Our products are guaranteed to high customer satisfaction and value for your investments.



We focus on providing clients with guaranteed highly satisfactory, if not the best, products and services, and we do not stop on mere impressions.



We understand clients’ product needs and specifications at any decision time, and we will deliver with our array of quality goods.



We are flexible and responsive so that we customize delivery based on client’s objectives as well as the ever-changing and growing market



We are in the business not solely for profits but to train and mold our people to serve others and the community, expertly, fairly, and happily.


Sustainable partnerships

We choose and maintain leading suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and partners to equip us with products for our customers who in turn will mutually benefit, grow and progress.

To be the top-of-mind partner-company of choice among the office, school and stationery supplies’ providers in the B2B and B2C arena in the country. We aim to emerge as the premier source of high quality, value-for-money products and services, and eventually tap other customers in the global markets
as well.

To realize our Vision, we are committed to delivering only premium quality products and excellent services in the office, school and stationery supplies business. Corollary to this, we will continuously dedicate our Time, Talent and Treasure in seeking the best industry partners as well as our own personnel in order to meet the requirements and expectations of our valued clientele.